How do you create your jewels?

We work with live flowers and elements collected from nature around the world. Any of them is handpicked for its special colour, texture and shape, preserved out of different treatments, before being carefully combined and placed into the glass to emphasize the natural qualities of each.

Our jewellery feel is minimal and vibrant, whilst retaining a strong sense of personality and playfulness. Designed and made in our London studio at Wimbledon Art Studios

Can I have a custom jewel?

Feel free to send us a request through this form. Or visit us at our studio in London by booking an appointment here.

Is my personal data safe on DreamCatcher Lab?

Because this helps us to provide a safer service. You can log in to your account to have a look to your purchase history and update/add/remove shipping addresses, for instance. Therefore we get to know our customers better and prevent fraud attempts, have a closer dialogue to our community and tailor our products on your preferences.

Please note that we look after your data and won't sell it, share it around or disclose personal information to any third parties.

When do I get my order?

We need 2 working days to process your order. Then we proceed to ship it out;

If you choose to ship with Royal Mail:

  • Uk, within 2 days
  • Europe/United States/Canada:  5-7 business days to major cities, 10-16 business days to minor cities.
  • Rest of the world: from 10-16 business days.

Please note that Royal Mail is pretty efficient, it takes only 2 days to be sent out, once it gets into the country of destination is not Royal Mail responsibility anymore, but the local postal service.

If you choose to use Express Shipping:

FedEx and UPS both are express couriers that offer better tracking and faster service than regular postal services. 

How can I track my parcel?

Insert your tracking code at the links bellow:

Royal Mail: ClickHere

UPS: ClickHere 

FedEx: ClickHere

How much does shipping cost?

  • Royal Mail signed and tracked (ex Uk): 8£
  • Royal Mail in The UK: Priority 3£
  • Collection free. You can book and collect it at our show room in London after 3 working days. ClickHere                                    
  • FedEx next day: 70£
  • FedEx 2-3 days (ex Saturday/Sunday): 25£
  • UPS next day: 20£
  • UPS 2-3 days (ex Saturday/Sunday): 15£

How can I get free shipping?

Free shipping applies for all orders over 200£

We issue promo codes to get free shipping at promo seasons. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated!

When would I be eligible for a refund or return?

Have a look to our refund and return policy here.

Is my personal data safe on DreamCatcher Lab?

Your credit card data is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and any purchase transaction data is stored only as long as is necessary to complete the purchase transaction itself. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

Wedding promo

Every bride deserves an unforgettable wedding day! Get inspired by very cool wedding ideas that will make your day truly unique. Let's create together gorgeous wedding party favors, corsages, bouquets and crown of flowers. Get in touch with us here

We're looking forward to make your day unforgettable! And the least we can do is granting free shipping. 

Custom Orders

For custom orders, please use this form 


Ethical jewellery refers to ornaments made using fair and sustainable practices while sourcing materials from environmentally-friendly and socially responsible. 
The ethical is fostered by the increasing awareness of sustainable consumption for resources as found in nature. As a consequence, buying DreamCatcher Lab jewellery contributes to the improvement of local communities. Ethical consumption is a growth market with the potential to address sustainability issues and to improve business practices in favour of the actors at the bottom of the supply chain. We are proud to be part of the ethical and sustainable trend. Be Eco-Chic, love and preserve nature with us!

Natural Fibres

The process of getting a silk thread is complex, you need to work with each filament separately by rubbing cocoons with a tiny brush. But first is necessary to unwind the filaments. So they are sorted according to their colour and width, then immersed in nearly-boiling water to undo the cocoon, but it’s not strong enough to be used, yet.

The process of silk making is therefore long and complex, but this is the only way to preserve the properties of this material. 

These silk threads, come from the Himalayas before being transformed into fabrics.

This brief description about origin and processing of these natural sustainable fibres highlights the quality of our products, made to guarantee preservation, with respect of the environmental and social standards. (See Silky dreams)


 DreamCatcher Lab will process orders in GBP as we are based in The UK.


Will Brexit affect EU countries for payments made out of bank transfer, Credit Card or PayPal? Is there Custom duty and taxes? 

No, There is not. You will need to pay customs duty and taxes only if you are buying from Switzerland

Would the glass break?

It is made out of Borosilicate Glass, it will not crack like regular glass!

What is Borosilicate Glass and Why is it Better than Regular Glass?

Many companies choose to use soda-lime glass (regular glass) for their glass products because it is less expensive. It accounts for 90% of manufactured glass worldwide and is used for items like furniture, vases, beverage glasses and windows. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that contains boron trioxide which  means it will not crack like regular glass! Its durability has made it the glass of choice for high-end restaurants and laboratories, as well and us.

*Fun fact, borosilicate glass is so resistant, that it is even used to store nuclear waste.